Can you be Polly Anna all the time?

Is it even possible? Would you want to be a golden ray of sunshine every moment of your life? A friend and I were talikg about this recently abd this is roughly how it panned out…

Oh thank goodness, I thought I was the only one on that (Polly Anna) tread mill!
Its like you choose the path of happy and positive and end up so disheartened that you can’t BE IT 100% of the time . I m working on routine and chunking time. By allowing myself , say a big sleep in I’m acknowledging the work I do at other times . Sometimes I turn my phone off and put it in the spare room. This gives me mental and physical space to simply be (a human). Then at the times I’m either working at my work or working at my own business I can be present for that. Being a human is hard work, we don’t come with a manual and there is no money back guarantee. The answer is to get up one more time, EVERY time.

Know this; like the planet, we are cyclical . When you’re down the ‘up’ will come as long as you keep looking, keep reading, keep listening, keep giving, keep looking, keep keeping on! 🧡