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Someone once said that you are the sum total of every experience you have had up until now.

Today. Thinking about that means that by the time you add on tomorrow and next week’s experiences you will, in fact, be a more intelligent and more diverse you. Never let yourself think that ‘this’ (today) is as good as it gets. Make sure YOU choose the experiences that will shape your life. Going out of your way to NOT explore the world, your thoughts, the street or town you live in does not keep you safe, all it does is keep you in a holding pattern until you check out. How many new friends and opportunities have willingly popped into your lounge room whilst you were on the couch wondering what ‘it’ is all about. I’m afraid to say the BIG zap of a lightning bolt of amazingness that will change your life doesn’t happen until you are actively out there looking for it.

“What the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve”.
(Thanks, Napoleon Hill)

How blessed I have been to be out there looking ( and not really knowing what I was doing) for it for the most part of my life. There have, of course, been times when I couldn’t get out of my own way, let alone notice any opportunity that came my way. We often use the word lucky when we refer to someone whose circumstances or possessions seem to be better than our own. Bollocks, I say, The people with the flash stuff of life have thought about and worked smart for it. You can have and do anything you want. You just have to want it enough that you will start actively looking for it. “What the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve”.( Thanks, Napoleon Hill)

“In other words: If you can think it, you can do it! Bill Gates wasn’t the man we know today overnight. He started with an idea, made a plan, changed the plan, did some action, changed the plan again and kept going.”

Are you busting to be or do more with your life?

So what about you, what can I do for you? Are you a looker? Do you know there is more to you than you currently live with? Are you busting to be or do more with your life? Do you have that stuck feeling? You are in a job that is not working for you (but it pays the bills and that’s just not enough). Do you feel like you try but new ideas fall flat on their face and you wake up wonder what the heck IT IS ALL ABOUT!

If some of that is you then yes, I can help you. Together we will figure out what it is that is holding you back and make a plan to get you moving forward. Fill in the Contact Form below, let’s plan a 20-minute pre consultation conversation. A safe and easy way for you to meet me and decide if what I have to offer fits with you.

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