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Chrissie Liv’s Life Coaching Services

Free pre-consultation conversation

I offer you a FREE 20 minute conversation. What is it that you want? Let’s chat and find out if I am right for you. Nothing ventured nothing gained!

First Steps

Do you want to DO SOMETHING but not sure what?

This is a one on one coaching session. It is the first step to making the best of the skills you already have. You will receive 60 minutes of being LISTENED TO. (A rare event these days) It’s a chance to finally say what it is you want to have or to change in your life.


First Steps $120

*payable prior to the consultation

Moving Forward

Do you feel stuck, is something holding you back?

During these five 60 minute sessions you will find out what has been holding you back and begin moving toward what it is you want. You will feel as though your are opening the door to a new you. You will notice the POSITIVE CHANGE in your daily thought processes.


Moving Forward $600

*payable as $120 per 60 min session OR $499 with an up front payment

Staying on Track

Have you decided to make a change in your world and your worried you will fall off the track?

Staying on Track is a 10 month commitment to your dreams and goals. It gets to the nitty gritty of breaking through your blocks and making a plan to MOVE yourself forward toward your burning desire. Each month will have two 60 minute consultation and planning sessions (timed to suit you). You will also receive regular emails and messages that inspire, motivate and extend your thinking processes. Designed expressly for you.


Staying on Track $2400

*payable as $240 per month OR $2159 with an up front payment

Consultations can be held in person, video call (Facetime, Messenger, Skype, etc) or on the phone. The choice is yours. Payment is required prior to the consultation time and can be done via online banking.

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