Someone once said that you are the sum total of every experience you have had up until now. Today. Thinking about that means that by the time you add on tomorrow and next week’s experiences you will, in fact, be a more intelligent and more diverse you. Never let yourself think that ‘this’ (today) is as good as it gets. Make sure YOU choose the experiences that will shape your life. Going out of your way to NOT explore the world, your thoughts, the street or town you live in does not keep you safe, all it does is keep you in a holding pattern until you check out. How many new friends and opportunities have willingly popped into your lounge room whilst you were on the couch wondering what ‘it’ is all about. I’m afraid to say the BIG zap of a lightning bolt of amazingness that will change your life doesn’t happen until you are actively out there looking for it.
If you are up for a bolt of first thing in the morning, JOIN ME in the Six15 Friends group. Starts 6th June. Message YES please to Six15 Friends and I will send you an invite.
Chrissie x