Let me
help you
fix your crown.

Let me help you fix your crown.

Hello I am Christine Livingston!

Are you sure there is more to have from life than you are getting?

That’s what I thought when I applied to go to Teacher’s College aged 37 (with 3 teenagers at home). Was it easy? NO! Was it worth it? HECK YES! I had to back myself and go against the odds to earn my very first degree (Bachelor of Education). Now as a liver of life, AND a trained life coach I can help you break free from where you think you are stuck.

Be the best you, live life YOUR way!


Do you want to do something but not sure what?


Do you feel stuck, is something
holding you back?

on Track

Decided to make a change and worried you’ll fall off the track?

I was asked to speak at a conference in front of all of my peers. I wanted to ensure that my presentation was not only informative and concise but also interesting and easy to follow.

After framing the basis of my talk I employed Christine to help me polish, revise and then practice my presentation. She helped me to refine the way that I spoke to my audience by using volume, hand gestures, getting out from behind the lectern and helping me look and feel like a professional. The response I received from the audience was overwhelmingly positive and not only boosted my confidence but also my standing within the company.

Vicki Adams

Prior to my session with Chrissie, I felt frustrated when people didn’t treat me with the values or respect that I would show them. When I talked this through with Chrissie, she shared alternative ways of dealing with such situations to ensure a more positive outcome. Her excellent listening skills, along with her trustworthy, encouraging nature and clear suggestions left me feeling confident and positive.


I love Christine! She is so fun, bubbly and has a very caring and genuine heart. She helped me gain so much clarity on a personal matter and I am so grateful.

Thank you so much.


Christine Livingston is a breath of fresh air! Her colourful and caring style of coaching helped me immeasurably. She is insightful, passionate about helping people and has a gentle yet “to the point” personality. I couldn’t recommend her more.


From the moment I met Christine I knew she would be someone I could talk to. Christine has an amazing vibe about her that I liked right from the start.

When I had my session with Christine, just by asking some (what I thought at the time were random questions) Christine helped me learn so much about myself in such a short amount of time. I was left amazed at the result I came away with.

I am confident that anyone working with Christine will connect with her easily, and be able to find what they are looking for to continue their journey forward.

Thank you Christine for meeting me on my journey. X

Azania Pekepo

Chris was wonderful!  From the first meeting (FaceTime which I am usually not that comfortable with) she really understood what the issues were that were blocking me from taking the leap I needed to move forward in my life.  She coached me through that move and was in close contact as I navigated the hard bit, and then helped me to realise the possibilities of what could be to come if I allowed myself to dream big. I truly appreciate the relationship that has formed with her, and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone needed some help to make a change in their life.